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This is the "Your Essay 3" page of the "EGL 102-Sherrill Weaver-Fall 2012" guide.
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EGL 102-Sherrill Weaver-Fall 2012   Tags: course guides fall 2012, english  

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Your Essay 3 Print Page

Essay 3 Thesis Statement

Essay 3 Persuasion: a Call to Action [Chapter 13 in your textbook]

Thesis Statement Format



Someone                           do something because...

                  should not


Who?  What?  How?   Why?

If "something" is a meeting, workshop, or town hall discussion:

* Who should attend?

* What will get done?  Why?  Be specific.  Identify each topic for discussion and/or action. Explain why the topic is important using your research from Essay 2.  Clearly describe how you want the participants to respond at the end of the event.

Sample statements for revision:

* Medical students should be urged to take special classes informing them about organ donations and illegal trade all over the world. 

* Elementary schools should not serve as much non-nutritious fast foods as they do. It should be mandatory for students to eat fruits and vegetables with their meals.

* High School students should attend a community college and later on transfer to a 4 year university because you get the same education, it is cheaper, and it is very easy to fit into your schedule.

* Parents should be educated on how to use the computer and set up parental control because it’s important to know how to block certain websites to prevent their teenagers from going on them, and it’s also important to know what their teenagers are doing on the internet and who they are talking to.

* Parents, nurses and doctors should be aware that kids nowadays under the age of 10 are more likely to visit the ICU than before and there are certain things that are needed to be done that they can do to make it more of a pleasant visit for the kids. Things that I think that doctors and nurses should do is have a conference/ meeting on how to handle and deal with the situation if kids visit the ICU, basically have a plan. Also, they should have a time limit on how long they spend in the ICU. And last but not least, which I think is the most important one of all, is to speak to the kids about what they are about to see when they enter the ICU. Not only should the nurses and doctors speak to them, but parents as well before entering, because hearing it from their parents and nurses would take away some stress, if there is any, and make the situation a little bit calmer.  

* Our local government needs to fund better schooling and extra-curricular programs; doing this will offer the youth in these areas a fair alternative from the streets which could mean a decline in the poverty and violence

* Gay couples should be able to adopt because they fight for the chance to have a family, they have the right to, and more children will have a chance to have a home.



Due dates for end of the semester!

Dec. 3

Note new due date: Essay 2 Final Version Due on Monday, Dec. 3 at midnight am by email or extended to Dec. 6 with consultation and permission

Essay 3 thesis & draft outline due / in-class revision checklist

Dec. 5

Essay 3 Draft 1 Due in-class with one print copy to exchange with partner.  Turn in by email by Friday 10:00 am for my comments. (Minimum research support: 3 research articles, 1 popular article, 1 website, and 1 book chapter or research from Essay 2 if persuasion is based on your position.)

Essay 2 Final Version Due on Wednesday, Dec. 5 by 8:00 am by email or Friday, Dec. 7 with permission.

Dec. 7 Essay 3 Draft due for comments for revision at 10:00 am by email or optional individual conferences by appointment between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.


Dec. 10

Essay 3 Final Version Due or extended to Dec. 12 with consultation and permission  / in-class writing process review

Dec. 12

In-class final exam on writing process


Essay 3 Grading Rubric

Essay 3 Grading Rubric & Gradekeeper Entries

Essay #1 is a 4-6 page investigative essay on the causes of an event or phenomenon chosen from a pre-approved list; your essay will be submitted with required pre-writing materials, an outline based on a model format, and an annotated bibliography

Essay #2 is an 8-12 page research essay in which you present a proposal on a problem chosen from a pre-approved list; your essay will be submitted with required pre-writing materials, an outline based on a model format, and an annotated bibliography

Essay # 3 is a 5-7 page research essay in which you argue a position based on your analysis of supporting and opposing research on an issue chosen from a pre-approved list; your essay will be submitted with required pre-writing materials, an outline based on a model format, and an annotated bibliography

There are five major components to your grade:

I.  3 Essays (Writing to investigate causes; writing to argue a position; writing to propose a solution to solve a problem) 60% (600 pts)

II.  Homework 20% (200 pts) = 1st 8 week reading assignments & Research/pre-writing workshops 2nd 8 weeks

III.  Participation 10% (100 pts) = In-class work & Group Reading Maps 1st 8 weeks 

IV. & V.   Two in-class essay exams (Writing an analysis;
Writing an evaluation argument) 10% (100 pts)
Midterm = 50 = MyCompLab exercises
Final = 50 = Presidential Election Special Assignment + EC / OR Final Exam

Grading Scale:
A - 900-1000
B - 800-899
C - 700-799
D - 600-699

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