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OPAL Workshop on Information Literacy Assignments: Start Here with OPAL

Oakton General Education Literacy Outcomes

Oakton General Education Outcomes Definition of Information Literacy

III. Literacy

a.  Demonstrate the ability to read critically within content areas. 

b.  Use technology to locate, to evaluate, and to communicate: data, information, ideas, and concepts

c.  Access, critique, and select from a variety of information resources.


Association of College & Research Libraries Definition of Information Literacy

Information literacy is a set of abilities requiring individuals to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate,and use effectively the needed information.

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Linda Suskie's Dream +1

Linda Suskie’s Dream + 1 Assignment Chart

This is what you’ll learn how to do.

(learning outcomes)

This is how you’ll learn it.

(assignments: in-class work, homework, group project, etc.)

This is how you’ll show that you’ve learned it.

(submitted research paper, annotated bibliography, project, class presentation, test taken, essay exam completed, etc. )

This is what success looks like and how what you’ve learned will be assessed.

(test item scoring, research paper rubric, presentation criteria checklist, etc.)

















Information Resource Use OPAL General Education Outcome
* Identify information needs
* Locate information
* Access information
Read information critically
* Evaluate information
* Select information
Communicate data, information, ideas, and concepts
* Cite and use information sources ethically and responsibly

Linda Suskie's Dream As Basis for Assignment Design

Linda Suskie speaks at the 16th Annual Assessment Fair for Illinois Community Colleges at Oakton Community College February 24, 2012. Excerpt by Bers/Newhouse