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Your Assignment

EAS 121 Research Paper

Criteria: Find three current articles (no more than ten years old) dealing with the topic of interest (see table below) in Physical Geography. Choose a subject within the topic of the essay which interests you. It has to relate with current scientific research. The topic of interest changes when we progress through the semester. The essay topics and due dates are listed in the following table:



Due Date

Research Paper 1

Climate change

Tuesday 2/25 at 12:00 pm (noon)

Research Paper 2

Water Scarcity

Thursday 04/16 at 12:00 pm (noon)


The topic was deliberately selected to be broad so that you can easily find something of interest. The paper does not need to be “VERY” scientific or technical. In the discussion section of your paper, make sure you describe: what you found interesting in the articles, how the articles relate to our daily life, and how the articles relate to the chapters cover in class.

The criteria for your paper are:

              ¨ a minimum of 700 words (excluding the title, bibliography or citations)

              ¨ typed, double spaced and in Times New Roman font (size 12)

              ¨ margins should be 1 inch on all sides

              ¨ include a short introduction, discussion, conclusion and citations 

              ¨ include a word count in your submitted work before citations.

Cite the sources of the articles you find. Use MLA or APA citation format. Be mindful of plagiarism and before submitting your work, do a spell-and-grammar check to catch obvious errors. Consult the writing lab if necessary.

Instructions for submission:

  1. This is a turn it in assignment. Submit your essay paper in the assignments folder. See the deadline date and time in the table.
  2. Submissions after 12:01 pm will not receive a grade. I will not accept e-mail submissions. In case you have a problem submitting the assignment, save your document as a PDF file and submit it. If you continue to experience problems contact the Oakton IT department.

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