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ECON 202 - Kayla Mitchell - Spring 2020: Start Here - Your Assignment

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Name: Kayla Mitchell
Title: Assistant Professor, Economics
Department: Division of Liberal Arts
Office: 2602 Des Plaines
Phone: 847-376-7256

Your Assignment - Company Project

Company Project


A project on the company of your choice will be due Thursday, April 30th by 11pm.
Presentations will be given on May 5th and May 7th in class.

For this project, you will be conducting a thorough analysis of a business of your choice.  You will be investigate the pricing, cost structure, sales, and market structure for your assigned company.  You are welcome to try and talk to the business directly, talk to a similar business in your hometown, or investigate similar business online.  This project is weighted the same as exams in the class and will be graded as such. I will be looking at both content and grammar. Your report should specifically address the following points…

  • General description of the business. (What do they sell, franchise, independently owned?)
  • Pricing strategies (Approximate price for different services, any promotions? bundles? etc.) Is the product elastic/inelastic?  How does that fit with their pricing?
  • Cost structure (Fixed costs, highly variable, low costs, high costs, etc. unions? Minimum wage?)
  • What type of market are they operating here in your hometown? Why do you think this? Is it perfectly competitive, monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition? 
  • What market forces are important for this business? (Are there potential (or recent) changes to demand or supply that will (or recently did) affect this business?)
  • Your report will likely be 5-7 pages (double spaced). This does not include a title page.
  • You need to utilize class vocabulary (for example: demand, supply, elasticity, revenue, perfect competition, average fixed costs, marginal costs, producer/consumer surplus, etc.)
  • You also need to include some data specifics.
    We will discuss where you can find this information at the library session.
    You can also use online articles, etc. for data specifics.
  • You need to have at least 5 references/sites. You cannot use yourself as a reference.
  • You MUST cite any data you use both in text and in a works cited page. If you do interview any industry people, then you need to provide their name, date, and contact information. I may contact them.
  • You may structure your report however you choose, but it needs to be organized and well written.
  • You must post your chosen company on the discussion board by the due date or there will be a 10-point deduction. If someone has already chosen the company and you still do your project on that company you will earn a 0
  • Papers must be submitted to the D2L page in a word or PDF file to be graded. Papers will be ran through a plagiarism detection software.

For 25 of the 100 points, you will give a 3-5-minute PowerPoint presentation on your findings of this business.
More information will be given on the presentation in class as it gets closer to the due date.

Late project/presentation information: Papers are due Thursday April 30th by 11pm. Any assignments turned in Thursday, April 30th at 11:01 through Friday, May 1 at 11pm will earn half credit on the paper portion only. Any papers submitted after 11:01pm on Friday May 1st will receive a zero. There are no exceptions to this! Please submit papers early to reduce the chance of technical problems. Presentations dates are May 5th and May 7th in class. Students will know their specific date before April 1. There are no make up presentations.

Citations are very important in this assignment. You should have a works cited page as well as using in text citations.
We will learn more about this in class. Papers without proper works cited or in text citations will be returned to the student with the option to make revisions. Revisions should be resubmitted in D2L before the next class meeting date. If the student isn’t in class an email will be sent to the student to notify them that they need to add in a works cited/in text citations, with due date information. Papers submitted by the next class period will earn half credit. If the papers are not resubmitted (if they didn’t have proper citations), then a zero will be assigned to the paper. Please see information on plagiarism above.

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