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EDN 180 - Katherine Schuster - Fall 2020: Start Here! Your Assignment

Your Assignment - Group Presentation

Group Presentation Assignment Sheet


Each group will give a presentation on a cultural and educational ethnography of a neighborhood in Chicago. The group should use at least four sources (not including the textbooks). The group will need to visit the neighborhood. The group should meet with a reference librarian at Oakton for help in finding sources for the information requested. Each group will give a 15-minute Power Point presentation and distribute a study guide to the class that includes information from the presentation, as well as a list of sources.


Questions answered should include:

  1. Where is this neighborhood? Be sure to have a clear map in the presentation.
  2. What is the historical, ethnic, and cultural history of this neighborhood (immigration pattern)?
  3. What is the current ethnic and cultural make-up of this neighborhood?
  4. Which wards cover this neighborhood (who is/are the aldermen)?
  5. What K-12 schools serve this neighborhood? What kind of schools are they (public, private, charter, magnet)?
  6. What is the success rate, graduation rate, demographic makeup of the public schools in this area?
  7. What higher education institutions are in the neighborhood?
  8. What other public amenities does the neighborhood have (park district buildings / classes, libraries, public parks, etc.)?
  9. Are there cultural institutions in this neighborhood (museums, theaters, etc.)?
  10. Is the neighborhood well-served by public transit?
  11. What is the general wealth / socio-economic status of the people in this neighborhood?
  12. What "reputation" does this neighborhood have?
  13. Are there growth / development plans for this neighborhood? What do you think the impact of those plans night be on the current residents?
  14. How does this neighborhood compare to the suburb in which you are living?


It will be necessary for the group to divide up responsibilities for the research on the presentation. However, this is not several individual presentation assignments lumped together.  The final product should be the result of the group working together and should look and sound like one, coherent project.  It is not necessary for all the group members to get up and present “their bit.”  In fact, the presentation will be much more cohesive if one, or possibly two, people present the material in class. 


All students in the group must participate in an equitable manner determined by the group – this means that students may contribute more in some areas in which they have special interests and skills.  All of the students in the group will receive the same grade, unless group members approach me with concerns well before the in-class presentation.  If a group is having difficulties, I will be happy to facilitate a meeting among all group members to help resolve any issues.

Chicago Neighborhoods

Fitzgerald, Peter. (2018). Chicago community areas map. Wikimedia. Retrieved from:  Accessed 1 Oct. 2019


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