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EGL 098 - Barbara Cohen - Fall 2022

Research Resources

Background Information Databases

The databases below provide an overview of a topic. Use these to:

  • Discover the basics about your topic
  • Learn new keywords
  • Learn about the important dates, people, events, and more
  • Find links and references to new sources
  • Explore more than one side to your issue (Opposing Viewpoints)

Find News Articles

Use the databases below to find news articles. You can also find news articles on Google, but using the databases allows you to make your search much more specific and will link you to news articles that you don't have to pay for.

When searching New York Times be sure you type your search terms in the left sidebar as shown below:

screenshot of left sidebar reads search within results

Research Vocabulary

citation: The information about a source required to locate the source (eg., title, author, publisher, date, and more), formatted according to a specific style.

database: An organized, searchable, electronic information storage system 

subject term: a standardized word or phrase that describes a main idea in an article or entry

keyword: a specific, significant word that describes a topic or appears frequently in discussions of a topic