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EGL 101-004 - Bustamante - Fall 2022

What would you like help with?
Navigating library website.: 6 votes (14.63%)
Finding a paper topic.: 6 votes (14.63%)
Finding articles for your paper.: 18 votes (43.9%)
Help with citation.: 11 votes (26.83%)
Total Votes: 41

Let's Get Started!

You will use this guide to start to learn the background on a topic, event, person, or theory. You'll find dates, the history, links to other resources and more. If you have any questions about your research remember to ASK A LIBRARIAN or email Librarian Sylvia Rosillo

What will we cover?

  • Find a research topic by gathering facts with Credo
  • Conduct basic and advance searches in Oakton's Library Catalog & Opposing Viewpoints
  • Identify relevant keywords and phrase
  • Use background resources to formulate specific questions about a research topic 
  • Learn about different kinds of findings in databases and journalistic sources 
  • Learn to give credit to original ideas of others through proper attribution and citation