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EGL 101 - Evan Cantor - Fall 2021

Banner image reads English 101 Library Research


Martinique Hallerduff's pictureWelcome to research in English 101.

My name is Martinique Hallerduff. I am the librarian for your class. 

A little about me: I've been at Oakton for one year, but I've been working as a librarian at other colleges and universities around Chicago for 15 years. I love helping students with research while recognizing that research often involves a lot of stress for students. I'm interested in feminist and anti-racist teaching and librarianship and have devoted much of my career to these interests. I've lived in the city of Chicago for almost 20 years, but I'm originally from Michigan. I am also a storyteller with 2nd Story Chicago.

How are you feeling about starting your research project?
Super anxious: 6 votes (7.89%)
A little nervous: 33 votes (43.42%)
Ok: 18 votes (23.68%)
Somewhat prepared: 14 votes (18.42%)
Completely confident: 5 votes (6.58%)
Total Votes: 76

Class Goals

After working through the materials and activities available on these pages, students will:

  1. Correctly identify parts of a citation for a primary source and web source
  2. Explain the various types of evidence available in journalistic sources 
  3. Locate relevant, credible, supporting articles for persuasive paper in library database
  4. Give credit to the original ideas of others through proper attribution and citation

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