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EGL 101 - Will Crawford - Spring 2020: Your Assignment

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

The Annotated Bibliography

Directions:  Create an annotated bibliography for 3 sources you have decided to use for your essay.  Points are earned on the correctness of MLA citation and the quality of summary (100 pts possible).

Instructions for Completing an Evaluative Annotated Bibliography:

1. State your paper’s thesis.  (10 pts)

2. Be sure to format  (MLA – 8th edition) your sources correctly.  (10 pts per entry)   Total 30 pts

3. The annotation has two parts:  objective summary and critique.

(1) Your objective summary: The summary should be clear, concise and exact. Take time to make sure that you understand what the author is asserting before you write the summary.  Do not change the author’s meaning. (10 pts per entry) Total 30 pts

(2) Your critique: The critique should provide your critical opinion of the source. You should evaluate the usefulness of the information the source provides.  You should also indicate how the source might be limited or lacking in its scope of usefulness as well. (10 pts per entry) Total 30 points

4. Entries should be double-spaced, alphabetized, and do not forget to indent the appropriate lines (5 spaces).

5. Do not forget the last punctuation mark after each entry (.)

See pages 190-191 of Norton Field Guide to Writing for an example of an Evaluative Annotation.

Topics for the Annotated Bibliography and the Evaluation Essay

Your topic must be approved by me. 

Choose a TV Show, Film, Album, or Performer (Actor/musician, or athlete). 

(TV shows, albums or films cannot be older than 10 years.)

Unacceptable topics:  
Abortion   Illegal Drug Legalization     Voting in America    Death Penalty     Wars   Affirmative Action    Economic Bailout Plan    Immigration    Organ Donation    Social Security   Gay Marriage  Euthanasia    Tax/Healthcare System   Cloning     Educational Systems    Conspiracy Theories   Stem Cells  Creationism   Political Candidates     Terrorism   Vaccines   Global Warming  Credit Cards   Drinking Ages  Internet Safety  The BCS Bowl System    Labor Disputes  Court Cases  Apple Products Smart phones  Steve Jobs   Bill Gates Organic Food  McDonald’s  Wal-Mart  Labor Disputes  Energy Drinks  Public Policy Chipotle Diet Plans Gaming Systems Video games   Certain reality TV Shows LeBron James  Derrick Rose  Hall of Famers – Sports/Music     Historical films    

Your textbook - Norton Field Guide to Writing

A copy of the Norton Field Guide to Writing is on reserve at the Library on both campuses.  Students can use the book in the Library for 2 hours at a time. Ask for the book at the Circulation Desk - the front desk of the Oakton Library.

Evaluation Essay Assignment - Due Dates and Details


  • Three reputable outside sources are required for this essay. (Online periodicals: magazines, journals, or newspapers articles are acceptable resources).
  • You can also use books or other reference texts.
  • Videos and blogs are acceptable if they are authoritative sources. 
  • Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. 

Your paper should have a Works Cited page to document your sources.
(MLA – 8th edition documentation format is found in Ch. 52 p. 500-548)

Due  Dates: (These dates depend on which section of Professor Crawford's class you are in) 

Peer Edit Draft #1 of Annotated Bib
Peer Edit Draft #2 of Annotated Bib
Final Draft  Annotated Bibliography Due
Bring in the Final Draft of your Annotated Bibliography, all rough drafts, and review sheets.

Due Dates: (These dates depend on which section of Professor Crawford's class you are in)

Peer Edit Outlines of Evaluation Essay
Peer Edit Draft #1 of Evaluation Essay
Peer Edit Draft #2 of Evaluation Essay
Bring in your final essay, all rough drafts, review sheets, and your outline.

The Writing Process: 

Brainstorm for your topic;
Construct a thesis;
Design an outline;
Write a rough draft;
Rethink/revise rough draft;
Proofread for errors.

How to hand in your Final Essay on the Due date:     

From top to bottom:

Final essay
Rough drafts and corresponding review sheets
Your outline
(All clipped or stapled together)

The paper should have a title page with your name, date, original title, and course number.    
Papers are due at the beginning of class.

Courier - Times New Roman - Times; 10-12; Double Spaced, 1-inch margins

Avoid at all costs:  fragments, run-ons, misspellings, and comma splices—including other typical grammar and usage errors.

Avoid at all costs:  comma and other punctuation errors. 

Evaluation Essay Assignment

Your assignment is to write a 4-5 page evaluation paper.  In drafting your evaluation, you should consider four basic elements:

 (1) An evaluative claim that makes a judgment about a TV Show, Film, Album, or Performer (Actor/musician, or athlete).  (TV shows, albums or films cannot be older than 10 years.)

 (2) the criterion or criteria by which you’ll measure your subject (at least 3) – qualitative and quantitative It must include at least 2 qualitative criteria.

Qualitative criteria is abstract – how good or bad something is. 

  • For example:  That is an amazing action movie because of the unique stunts.
  • Unique could refer to the choreography regarding fight scenes, the creative locales, or the intensity.

Quantitative criteria is anything that is measurable:

  • For example: This is an impressive TV show because of the number of awards it has won.
  • The film was a blockbuster because of its first weekend ticket sales.

(3)  a disclaimer that presents a stipulation regarding your overall evaluation.  The disclaimer should not rely on the aforementioned criteria by which you will evaluate your subject. 

  • For example: Despite the predictable plot, the film was worth seeing because of…

(4) evidence that the particular subject meets or falls short of the stated criteria

(5) a consideration and engagement of an alternative perspective or counterargument.

  • Give a clear concise description of the subject, clearly defined criteria, a knowledgeable discussion of the subject, a balanced and fair assessment, and well-supported reasons.  (Review 197-205 of Norton Field Guide to Writing)
The criteria (a,b, and c) should be a mixture of 1 quantitative and 2 qualitative standards. 

Your last standard should be the strongest point of your argument.

Although the female characters are underdeveloped, Breaking Bad is an excellent TV drama because of the numerous awards it has received, the exceptional dialogue, and some very effective performances by certain actors.

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