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EGL 102-C13 - David Kelly - Fall 2022

Course guide with Library workshop resources for EGL 102-C13 (Kelly) Online Live Synchronous, Tuesday/Thursday, 2-3:15pm

Welcome to the Library's research guide for EGL 102-C13!

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Goals! After working through the material in this workshop and guide, students in David Kelly's online EGL 102-C13 section will be able to:

  1. Identify background sources appropriate to their topic in order to narrow down their research question.
  2. Explain the peer review process.
  3. Locate a relevant, scholarly article in a library database.
  4. Give credit to the original ideas of others through proper attribution and citation

After our library workshops on October 13 and November 3, this guide will continue to be available for the remainder of the Fall 2022 term. Use it to locate topics and resources for your EGL 102 writing projects. Let's get started!

Rebecca Sedam. Librarian

David Kelly
Division of Liberal Arts


EGL 102: Composition II
Course introduces strategies for planning, writing, and revising advanced expository essays and the college research paper. Content includes critical reading and analysis, the structure of argument, and the use of sources.

Oakton Librarians maintain an outstanding collection of Research Guides to help you with your research. The following list spotlights a small sample of what is available to you.

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Class Climate Survey

At the end of our workshop, please fill out this QUICK Library Class Session survey (only 4 questions).

Responses are anonymous and they will help me improve this experience for other students.