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EGL 102 - Ann Borow - Fall 2022 - 12:30 Class

Reference Librarian

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Ruth Whitney
Ruth Whitney

Adjunct Faculty, Library Services
Subjects: Education

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How Do I Choose a Topic for my Research Paper?

Ideas for Paper Topics

Sometimes you know exactly what you want to research so getting started is easy.

Other times, you just don't know what to choose for a paper topic.

You have options and help! 

If you can't decide on a topic, you can start by looking at Opposing Viewpoints or CQ Researcher.
These databases have reports and articles organized by subjects.  Use the links below to explore a bit.

Getting Started With Your Research Topic

Got a minute?  Take a look at this video.  In less than 2 minutes you'll know what to do to begin your research.

Background Information?
To find short essays on your topic for background, try the Oakton Library database called Credo Reference.