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EGL 102 - Evan Cantor - Summer 2020: Welcome!

Oakton Library resources and services for Evan Cantor's Summer 2020 EGL 102 class

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As an adjunct librarian in Oakton’s Library, I am committed to helping our students achieve their goals. During this COVID-19 campus closure, my colleagues and I are ready to assist you with your research needs. That is why this course guide for Evan Cantor's EGL 102 includes multiple options for contacting us (see the "Get help from Oakton's Librarians" box), as well as introductory tips for kickstarting your research.

As noted in your instructor's final paper topic explanation, "anything goes." With that in mind, it isn't feasible to predict the exact research path for everyone's final paper research!  Instead, I offer you what the Oakton Librarians do very well: research/reference assistance. "Drop in" for a chat, email us, or make an online appointment with a librarian. We are here (online) for you!

- Rebecca Sedam

Adjunct Faculty, Library Services

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Rebecca Sedam