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EGL 102 - Evan Cantor - Summer 2022


Welcome to the guide for your EGL 102 class with Prof. Cantor. In this guide you will find resources to help you with your project. The description of this assignment is included below. Your librarian today, Gwyneth Stupar, is available for any questions you might have about the guide or any library related topic. 

Your Assignment Prompt


Evan Cantor

Eng. 102

    The Research Paper * (Online)

            First, each of you must decide upon a topic, a thesis, and be sure to show some process, as well as cause and effect throughout your introduction and entire research paper.  This means not only writing about the facts, the history, the statistics, the 5 W’s etc… You must also do some synthesis, or put things together and make some connections.  This led to that, that caused this, this process can be seen, etc…

            Next, each of you must consider all of the different elements that will be due leading up to and included in your final portfolio which you will submit.

            These elements are:

  • Formal Thesis Statement
  • Formal Outline (any style except simple, single words) - typed
  • Rough Draft
  • Title Page – Formal
  • Work Cited Page – Formal MLA
  • MINIMUM ten sources (10)
  • Index / Table of Contents (optional)
  • Introduction, foreword (optional)
  • The final draft of your essay – **8-10 pages in length (NOT including Work Cited)
  • Also, any pictures, graphs, charts, etc… all graphic aids or inclusions

The final draft of your research paper will be due on ___________.  Late papers will not be accepted.

Some other dates to keep in mind:

  • __________________  complete rough drafts are due – last day of class

  • ____________  – last day to submit work

You will all need to check in / send / email the various elements of your research electronically, and I will monitor your progress closely as we finish up the Summer session over the next several weeks.  This is a process, and should be viewed as such.  And minimum paper length also shortened to 8 pgs min / 10 max… Good luck!