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EGL 102 - David Jakalski - Fall 2021

This libguide assists students in Prof. Jakalski's EGL 101 class, familiarizing them with the library's resources and offering MLA 8 citation information and supports.


Hello everyone and welcome to the research guide for EGL 102 with Prof. Jakalski. This guide will help you select a topic for your essay, find sources to support your arguments with evidence, and provide tools to assist you in creating citations for those sources. If you have questions along the way, you can always chat with us through Ask a Librarian, or make an appointment for a one on one research consultation with a librarian. You can also contact Prof. Sanderson, the librarian instructor for this class section, via email for assistance.

Argumentative Essay Assignment Description

Review of Scholarly Literature Task:

Your literature review will present a focused issue that is relevant to a minimum of six sources (3 may not appear on our EGL 102 course syllabus). The developing paragraphs of your literature review will demonstrate the connections that you find among these sources. To do this effectively, you will need to summarize and synthesize these sources. You will organize the developing paragraphs of your literature review by theme or organizing idea. You will need to take apart and examine the various arguments that you consider in order to determine both what is convincing and unpersuasive about them. Your literature review will quote minimally and will paraphrase frequently from these sources to clearly demonstrate how the texts that you are using respond to the issue that you have identified among them. Your literature review will also show the connections among the various sources that you have selected. You will conclude your literature review with an argumentative claim of your own, which responds directly to some issue related to postsecondary education. Because the authors that we have read approach the subject of higher education from a variety of perspectives and interests, part of your task will be to sort out which texts are most relevant to the issue that you will discuss in your literature review. Your literature review will reference at least 5 sources with balance and objective consideration. Ultimately you will establish your own position based on your synthesis of the claims and evidence presented in the sources that you select.

The Argumentative Essay Task:

The Argumentative Essay requires you to formulate a focused argument that responds to an issue related to higher education in the United States. Having completed your literature review you will now develop your thesis, which you will substantiate with your critical research. Your argument must be central to your paper and your argumentative essay must have a focused and consistently presented thesis. Your argumentative essay will engage with other critical sources to further develop and support your argument. These sources must also demonstrate the complexity of the issue. (Eight sources that all take the same position does not demonstrate complexity or argument, right?). In order to effectively engage with and present your research, you will need to summarize, analyze, and synthesize each of your sources into your argument. Your paper must have at least 8 current sources and your paper must be a minimum of ten pages. Three sources must come from peer-reviewed, scholarly journals or books. Your argumentative essay must include an MLA 8 works cited page (the works cited pages do not count toward the minimum page requirement for this assignment). Ultimately, this paper is your opportunity to present your own informed argument related to a specific issue concerning higher education in the United States.

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