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EGL 102 - David Jakalski - Spring 2020: Getting Started

Getting started: The Book for Your Assignments

There are two versions of the the book for your class that are available through the Oakton Library.

  • E-Book - An online version is available
  • Print Book - A print copy of the book is held on Reserve.  This book can be used in the Library for 2 hours at a time.  Ask at the front desk of the library for the Reserve copy.

Contact Your Professor

David Jakalski


Assignment - Annotated Bibliography

This guide is designed to help students in David Jakalski's EGL 102 class discover and retrieve information about higher education topics for the following assignments: 

       Due Dates:

  • Complete Draft For Instructor Comments: Wednesday, 3/4
  • Final Draft for a Letter Grade: Wednesday, 3/11 


  • Task:
    You are to write an Annotated Bibliography consisting of 5 sources. You will write an
    MLA 8 bibliographic citation for each source. For each source, you will also compose an
    annotation for each source. Each annotation should summarize the source, which means
    that you will provide its main point (the thesis) as well as its key claims and ideas. Your
    annotation should also briefly evaluate the source. In other words, your annotation should
    consider the author’s purpose for writing this text, you might also consider the
    effectiveness of the source, is it persuasive? are there gaps or problems that you find in its
    presentation of claims and evidence? Finally, you might discuss how this source might be
    useful to your own argument.
    Three of the five sources will come from our course readings (Delbanco. College,
    Chapter 1; Arum and Roksa, “College Cultures and Student Learning,”; Wood, “The
    Future of College.”
  • *You will need to find two additional sources on your own to include in your Annotated Bibliography (WP1)
  • Evaluation Criteria:
    * Each citation must use MLA 8 rules for bibliographic citation.
    * Each annotation must provide an effective summary of the source.
    * Each annotation must present an effective evaluation of the source.
    * Each annotation must indicate how the source might be useful to your argument.
    * All sources in the Annotated Bibliography must be written in Times New Roman, 12 pt.
    type, using black ink.

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