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EGL 102-027-Isaac Ewuoso-Spring 2020

Welcome! Starting the Research Process for EGL 102


My name is Martinique Hallerduff. I am a librarian here at Oakton and I created this guide to help you with your research in your EGL 102 class. I encourage you to contact me for an online appointment, quick question, or by email since learning this information without talking it through can be difficult. You can find my info on the Need Help? tab.

Instructions for using this guide

1. Work through each step and each video in the guide. This is meant to replace what would normally be a full class session and will help prepare you to do research in your English 102 course. 

2. If you have questions as you are working through this guide, reach out via the "Need Help?" tab.

3. The total video time is about 20 minutes. You can expect to spend a minimum of ten minutes searching the databases, but I recommend at least five minutes per database to get used to each one. Once you're familiar, it will take longer to sift through and narrow your searches.

4. You will have to log in with your Oakton Credentials to watch the videos.


1. Learn more about your topic by looking at background information

2. Find news/media research to learn a bit more about your topic and how it's been reported in the news.

3. Find out what experts and scholars have learned about your topic.


Throughout, I want you to carefully think about evaluating information. Remember, in research, you get many answers and you have to choose what is the right one. I will provide tips as we go.

Finding Background Information

1. Watch the video below (2:26), "Getting Started: Videos: Research Process"
This will help you understand how to use background information to learn more about your topic and lead you to more resources.


2. Watch the CREDO Reference Tutorial
This will show you how to use the CREDO database to find background information


3. Open up CREDO Reference (below)
This is where you will search for background information

Getting Started: Videos: Research Process

How to use Credo Reference

Length: 3:07. Hit play and then watch full screen or on YouTube.