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GEG 120 - Valerie Krejcie - Spring 2020: Start Here - Your Assignment

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Valerie Krejcie

Division of Liberal Arts
2430 Des Plaines



Grading Rubric and Due Dates

Due Date:        Tues/Thurs classes Section 001, 002 March 24;  

           Wednesday class (Section 050)  March 25

You are welcome to submit the assignment early, but a 2 pt. deduction will be taken from the points possible for each 24- hour period that it is late. No work will be accepted after April 1.


Grading Rubric   Based on 50 pts.                                                     




Pts. Possible


Help from Librarian or Writing Tutor (provide voucher)


Organization of your work including intro, 2 major sub heads, & conclusion


Summary of News Story & its relevance to World Geography


Evaluation of how the story was covered in each of 4 sources


Choice of topic and proper citation of sources


Grammar, punctuation, spelling



You can receive 5 pts of credit for making an appointment for assistance and receiving help from

  •  a librarian to find articles OR 
  • from the writing tutor/center to review a written draft.


Your paper should be typed, a maximum of 5 pages of text (~1200 words), 12 point type, double-spaced with reasonable margins. 
Submit to the assignments tab in the D2L in Word format or PDF.
Properly cite your work using APA style.


News Literacy Assignment


  • To relate what you are learning about world geography to current international news.
  • To become a critical news consumer.
  • To be able to separate fact from fiction.


Topics--Pick from this list:

  • Biodiversity
    • endangered species
    • reduced habitats - rainforest destruction
  • Ecotourism
  • Globalization
  • Global Environmental Change
    • including extreme weather events like the Australian bush fires
    • record temperatures
    • tropical storms (hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons)
    • impact of food production
  • Infectious Diseases/Epidemics/Pandemics
    • including Ebola 
    • Corona virus
  • Natural Disasters
    • earthquakes
    • volcanoes
  •  You MAY select another topic of your choice, but that must be approved by me in writing by March 9th.

Select a recent news story

Narrow your topic down by finding a recent news item on a specific story about that TOPIC.  
Begin by finding a story on your topic in credible source. Follow the guidance you will receive from the Oakton librarians on how to find good sources. 
Your story MUST be current from 2017 to present AND based outside the United States (Puerto Rico is the only exception).  
Sources can be newspapers (New York Times, Washington Post, etc.), news magazines (The Week, Newsweek, The Economist, BBC News, etc.) or one of their websites.  
Find this same story in three other publications/sources. You may include other, perhaps less reliable news stories as comparisons. 


Summarizing and Evaluating the Articles

  • Summarize the story and how it relates to World Geography in one page.

This should demonstrate your ability to apply the vocabulary, concepts, and processes you are learning in this course to the story described in the article. Use your textbook as a reference.  Select a story that will work well for this assignment.

  • Evaluation of your 4 sources: how do they differ in the way the story was reported in the various sources that you have chosen. 
    Apply the fact checking techniques that you have learned, particularly the Four Moves  

In your analysis explore these types of questions:

  • How do your stories differ?
  • Does one source do a better job?
  • Who is the reporter? 
  • Does the reporter or the publisher appear to have a bias?
  • Are experts cited in the articles? 
  • Who owns your news source and where is it published?
  • How old is the report?  

Reference Librarian

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Ruth Whitney
Ruth Whitney

Adjunct Faculty, Library Services
847-635-1644 (Reference Desk)
847-635-1646 (Voicemail)