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Oakton Library Leganto Leaders Project

What will Oakton Library Leganto Leader volunteers do?

Please volunteer to be an Oakton Library Leganto Leader!  

The Oakton Library, with support from IT and the D2L Team, is beginning implementation of a new system, Leganto.

Leganto will make it easier for you to add full-text web publications, articles, ebook chapters, and other content directly into your D2L course.

As part of our Fall 2021 implementation project, we need faculty to volunteer to test the system during the Implementation Phase Weeks of 10/04  - 12/01/2021.  

Will you please volunteer just a few hours of your time to help us test Leganto?

Testing will consist of finding content for your course, adding that content to a resource list in Leganto, and then publishing the content from your Leganto resource list directly into a module in your D2L course. You don't have to assign the content to students or even make it visible to them. You can choose to ask your students to test a link or to view a selected source imported from Leganto if that is not disruptive to your course.

Want to know more about Leganto?

Take just 14 minutes and 33 seconds to watch these videos to see how you can use Leganto for your D2L course content. 

To volunteer to be an Oakton Library Leganto Leader, please contact Sherrill Weaver.