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LibApps Directions for Staff

Making the most of Oakton Library's LibGuides & LibAnswers platforms


Oakton Library does not associate (tag) course assignment guides with the course subject.  Instead, we

  • use the the semester in the name and friendly URL (Fall 2021, Spring 2021), and
  • for Subjects, select the option for the appropriate semester. For example: "Course Guides Fall 2021." This indexes the guide, allowing it to show up under the proper category on the LibGuide/Research Guide home page. Do not select any other subject category.

Name format for course guides

Names for published course guides take the following form:

[Subject Abbreviation] [Course Number] - [Course Instructor's First name Last name] - [Semester] [Year]

For example:

GEG 120 - Valerie Krejcie - Spring 2019
‚ÄčEGL 102 - Evan Cantor - Summer 2021

Friendly URLs for course guides

Friendly URLs for your published course guides use the following format:

Subject Abbreviation Course Number Course Instructor's Last name Semester Year

For example:

The uppercase letters in the above examples allow us to visually separate the words without using underscores.  However, the two following examples link to the same guide.

OWN your course guide!

To create a course guide for your instruction session, you can either start fresh or copy content/layout from an existing guide. Your students should be able to find your name on the course guide. (Unless you are co-teaching a library workshop with another Oakton librarian, you won't need to have someone add you as an editor to a course guide).