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MKT 131 - Randy Felsenthal - Summer 2020

Market Plan

Final Project

Marketing 131

Your final project is to introduce you to the elements of a marketing plan. The learning objective is to have you understand and apply elements of a marketing plan. This semester we will use the United States Postal Service (USPS) as the organization for the element of your marketing plan.
You are tasked with creating the following elements:

  •  - Business Mission Statement

  •  - Situation Analysis / Strengths, Weaknesses,  Opportunities, Threats (SWOT)

  •  - Goals

We will discuss all aspects of a marketing plan during the semester, however, you will only be responsible for writing the Mission Statement, SWOT, and 1 Goal for the USPS.

The project will be in written form and turned in the last week of class. You will submit the plan in your D2L shell under Final Assignment. Time permitting, you will be able to present your information during the last class period Big Blue Button meeting. You will be given 5 minutes for your presentation. You can earn 100 points for final the project.

You are required to find and cite a minimum of 5 credible sources for your work. You may use MLA or APA for your source citing.
For more information on source citing, visit the Oakton Library section that is titled: Cite It Right! What is a Citation? or the Help with Citations tab on this guide.


Have fun with this learning lesson. The United States Post Office is an important part of our daily lives. See how the principles of marketing you are studying can apply directly to the USPS.

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