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SOC 103 - Cheryl Thayer - Fall 2021: What is a Peer Reviewed Article?

Has Your Professor Asked You to Find Peer Reviewed Articles?

Use this page to discover what a peer reviewed article is, how to find it, and how to read a scholarly article.

On this page, be sure to watch the Peer Review in 3 Minutes video.

Peer Review in 3 Minutes

Burke, Anne et. al. (2014)  "Peer Review in Three Minutes."  NCSU Libraries.  YouTube.  Retrieved from:

Learn About Oakton Library Databases and Scholarly Sociology Articles

Find Peer Reviewed Sociology Articles in the Oakton Library

Be sure to watch the video and use the database links to find scholarly journal articles on sociology topics.

Use These Clues to Spot a Scholarly Article

Scholarly articles usually include the following:

  • Abstract or summary of the research
  • Author credentials - degrees held by the authors and the University or Research Center where they work
  • Scholarly and technical language
  • Diagrams and charts
  • Bibliography or list of citations/references

How to Read a Scholarly Article

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