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SPE 103-705 - Jung/Bowman - Summer 2024

SPE 103 A Guide to Research at Oakton Community College

Let's Get Started!

This guide serves as a valuable resource for your informative speech assignment and persuasive speech assignment. Explore a wide range of topics, leading figures, and non-profits with the help of our comprehensive resources, including encyclopedia entries, peer-reviewed materials, and numerous databases. If you need assistance with your research, don't hesitate to reach out to us via ASK A LIBRARIAN or email Kirk Bowman at .  

What will we cover?

  • Discover information by accessing reputable sources such as CQ Researcher, Statista, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, and Credo
  • Critically evaluate the credibility of resources using the SIFT method
  • Identify relevant keywords and phrases to enhance your research effectiveness
  • Begin mastering citations
  • Familiarize yourself with citation machines 
  • Discover recommended Oakton Library databases 
  • Learn to identify nonprofit organizations

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