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SSC 201 - Nelson Wainwright - Spring 2020

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Nelson Wainwright


Division of Liberal Arts

Room 2430 Des Plaines

Phone: 847-635-1950

Global Problems Group Project

As a group, you will:


  • Research a global problem,
  • Write a 2500 word research paper about previous efforts to solve the problem, and
  • Give a 15 minute presentation to the class about your chosen problem and your groups' recommendation for the best way to solve it.

Choose one of the following global problems.

  • Global poverty
  • Nuclear weapons disarmament and/or control
  • Climate Change
  • Gender inequalities in access to education
  • International refugees

For clarity:

The paper should focus on the past of the problem;

The presentation should focus on the future of the problem if the world implemented your proposed solution.

The presentation is NOT simply a summary of the paper.


Other Details

You must have at least ten (10) different reputable or scholarly sources that you use to describe the problem your group chose. 

Sources must be cited using APA citation style.

Due Dates

  • Thursday, April 23rd: 8 pm: Group Paper due, submitted to the D2L folder.
  • Tuesday, May 5th: Presentation during class.  Must submit your slides/visual aid to the D2L folder by the beginning of the class period.
  • Tuesday, May 12th: 8 pm: Must complete peer evaluation quizzes on D2L

Paper Guidelines

In at least 2500 words, discuss the answers to the following questions:


What is the scope of the global problem?

  •  How many people are affected? / How much of the earth is affected?
  •  Where do they primarily live? / Where is the area of greatest effect?
  •  Is there a pattern to how the effects are distributed?

​What is the impact of your problem?

  • How are people affected by the problem?
  • How is the earth affected by the problem?
  • What is the worst-case scenario if the problem is not addressed?

​How has the world attempted to solve the problem in the past?

  • If those efforts failed, why?
  • If they had limited success, why was it limited?

How is the world attempting to solve the problem right now?



Sources: You must have at least ten (10) different reputable or scholarly sources that that you use to describe the problem your group chose.