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Africa, African Affairs, African American Studies, African Arts, and African Studies.


"In United States education, Africana studies, or Africology, is the study of the histories, politics and cultures of peoples of African origin both in Africa and in the African diaspora.

"It is to be distinguished from African studies, as its focus combines Africa and the African disspora (Afro-Latin American, African American studies, Black studies) into a concept of an 'African experience' with an Afrocentric perspective."

source: "Africana studies." Wikipedia (viewed 24 June 2013).
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This Africana research guide provides resources related to:

  • African states and cities,
  • African history, politics, and culture
  • The African diaspora including: African Americans -- Afro-Latin Americans -- Afro-Europeans

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Fast Facts -- Timeline


  • Independent countries: 54
  • Population: 1,073,102,000 (est. 2012)
  • Languages: over 1,000 from 6 "families" -- widely spoken: Arabic, Swahili and Hausa
  • Religion: Local traditional religions, Islam and Christianity


  • c. 2,000,000 B.C. Earliest human beings live in Africa
  • c. 5000 B.C. Northern Africa people practice farming
  • 30 B.C. Roman Empire controls northern Africa
  • 500s Nubian kingdoms convert to Christianity
  • 639-710 Arab Muslims conquer northern Africa
  • 1000-1500 Large kindoms established in Africa south of the Sahara
  • 1400s The Portuguese explore Africa's west coast
  • 1652 The Dutch found Cape Town
  • Late 1700s-1920s European incursion & colonization of parts of Africa
  • 1950s-1960s Most European colonies become independent

 Fast Facts & Timeline source: "Africa." World Book 2012, p. 99+

Notable Africans & events



  • Apartheid (1948-1994)
  • The "Warlord States" (1960s-    )
  • Ethiopian drought (incl. 1983-1985)
  • Battle of Magadishu (1993)
  • Rwandan genocide (1994)
  • Somali pirates (2005-    )

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