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EGL 102 - Cynthia McKeag-Tsukamoto - Spring 2020: Background Information

This guide will assist students in EGL 102 - 031 with their Research Paper Assignment

What is background information?

Background information provides basic facts, history, descriptions and concepts about your topic.  Use only the information that you find useful in starting your research. You can always return to your sources if you need more in-depth information as you get deeper into your research topic.

Where to Find Background Information

Students have access to many electronic resources that provide useful background information. These are considered authoritative and will provide a good foundation for your topic. From the library homepage, click on the blue button labeled "Find Facts."

Screen shot of library home page with "Find Facts" circled.

General Sources of Background Information

You can focus your search by selecting one of the fields of study along the left side of the screen. There you will find specialized encyclopedias and other sources specific to a particular field. 

Or you you can choose one or more of these general sources.




You will need to use your myOakton user name and password when accessing these databases from off campus.