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EGL 102 - Steve Monk - Spring 2022

What is a database?

A database is a collection of data that is organized and retrievable. When we talk about databases in a library, we are usually talking about tools that you can use to search and access published materials like articles, books, images, videos, etc. 

While you access them through the internet, the databases you find through the Library are different than regular websites. The Library pays to subscribe to databases. Much of the material you find in Library databases is not available for free online, which means it is accessible to you only while you are an Oakton student. You can access any of these databases on campus or by logging in with your myOakton username and password if you are off campus.

Search for Articles

To search more library databases, use the "Alphabetical List of Oakton Library Databases" Oakton Library webpage. 

Finding Oakton Databases

In-Class Activity: What are characteristics of a scholarly article?