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SPE 107 - Kate Harris - Summer 2022

Help for your citations and bibliographies

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Why citations matter

  • Citing lends credibility to your own ideas, showing you relied on high quality information 
  • Citations give credit to the authors/creators of the original words or ideas
  • Using citations allows your reader or listener follow up with your sources to learn more

In addition, not citing the words or the ideas you got from others is plagiarism. This is both unethical AND violates the Code of Conduct as laid out in the Oakton Student Handbook

Where do you cite your sources?

For a speech, you will need to cite in two places: orally in your speech and also in the creation of the Works Cited document (Bibliography). Both are a necessary part of the process of "citing" and must be included.

How can I learn to cite properly?

For oral citations: The Art of Public Speaking textbook by Stephen Lucas on reserve at the Library will provide help with citing citations orally. Your course instructor is also a good resource for questions about oral citations. 

For written citations on your Works Cited page: Check out the “Get Citation Help” button on the Library’s homepage. Many of Oakton’s databases also include a tool to build a citation. See below for information on Oakton's subscribtion to NoodleTools citation management software.

Getting Started with Noodle Tools

Getting Started with Noodle Tools


NoodleTools is a full featured citation manager that will help you format and save your citations online. 

  1. When you connect to Noodletools with the link provided below, you will be prompted for your Oakton username and password (same as used for D2L and MyOakton). 
  2. Your next step depends on whether you are a returning user or a new user:

    Returning user: If you have already registered a Personal ID and Password for NoodleTools, you can Sign In.

    New user: If you are a new NoodleTools user, select the "Don't have an account? Register" button to register a Personal ID and Password of your choice (It's easier to remember your NoodleTools ID if you use your myOakton user name).
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Length: 2:35

Online guidance for MLA

Online MLA citation guidance

Online guidance for APA

Online APA citation guidance

Tutorial on creating and delivering oral citations in public speaking

Creating & delivering oral citations in public speaking

Basic elements in oral citations: Name of author, credentials of author, name of source (website, book, publication, etc.), date of publication

Length: 4:43

“Oral Citations.” YouTube, uploaded by COMMpadres Media, 1 November 2016,