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Global Business & Companies: Selected Websites

Business customs, trade restrictions, statistics, exchange rates, foreign investment, imports, and exports

Product/Industry Research

Use these resources to find primary and secondary materials on the product(s) and the environment in which it will be sold, past sales figures, industry research, comparisons to other similar products, estimated sales for future years, target markets, how product will be packaged and marketed, and cost of shipment.

Trade Statistics

Recommended websites for information about Global Business

Country Information

NOTE: You can find country data on the web that is often unavailable in more traditional sources.  Use these resources to find primary and secondary materials on business customs, economic environment, cultural issues/attitudes toward trade, trade restrictions, current technologies, and custom duties.

Company Information

Company Information  Use these government, nonprofit organization, and corporate resources to find primary and secondary materials on specifics companies, including financial information, prospect research for partners/vendors, and competitive intelligence on competitors.

Global Trade Online Tutorial