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Textbook$ - Finding & Buying Books

The Oakton Bookstores

Oakton operates bookstores at both the Des Plaines and Skokie campuses.

Des Plaines                                                               Skokie
Room 1160 • Phone: 847.635.1679                           Room A130 • Phone: 847.635.1421



Hours - By Appointment Only
To make an appointment: Use the Oakton Bookstore Appointment Form to schedule an appointment.

Depending on your class schedule, your appointment will be set for the Des Plaines or Skokie campus.

You will receive a confirmation with the date, time, and location of your appointment.

You can buy new textbooks through the bookstore.

 The Oakton Bookstores may also have used copies of textbooks or rental textbooks

Call or Email the Bookstore to check your options.

Which Textbook Do I Need for Class?

Search the Fall 2021 Book List from the Oakton Bookstore


The class listing in the Oakton online catalog will show you what you need to know about your texts for each class.

  • Author's name
  • Title
  • Edition and year published
  • ISBN or book number
  • Prices for the book in the bookstore


Click on Current Students here or on the Oakton webpage to find a link to courses offered each semester.

Click on Current Courses.

You can search by term, class, instructor and even choose the campus where your class is taught.

When you find the right class, click on the "View Book Information" link.


What is an ISBN?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number

Every book has an ISBN and each version of a book has a different ISBN.  So if you are looking for a paperback, but you have the ISBN for the hardcover book, you won't find the paperback.  Or, if you're looking for a 3rd edition of a textbook, but you have the ISBN for the 2nd edition, you won't get the book you need.

Use the ISBN to search for books, but also try to search the author or title if you can't find what you want. Oakton Librarian is always ready to help. Just click and Ask!