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EGL 102 - Bustamante/Sedam - Spring 2024

Librarian Rebecca Sedam's Research Guide for Carol Bustamante's EGL 102 Research Report Assignment

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Library Research Guide

Research Report Assignment

These assignment documents are provided here for your convenience. See the other box tabs for embedded PDF versions. If you find something that differs from the assignment documents provided by Professor Bustamante, remember that Professor Bustamante's documents are the authoritative version! 

Library books on reserve for your EGL 102 class - Skokie Campus

Library Research Workshop Learning Objectives

  1. Identify key sources (databases, websites) appropriate to their topic.
  2. Refine search strategies after conducting an initial database search.
  3. Locate relevant information in one or more library databases.
  4. Give credit to the original ideas of others through proper attribution and citation.