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SPE 103 - Christy Carter - Spring 2024

Find the Spring 2024 Library Research Guide for your Speech 103 class with Christy Carter.

Find your class library research guide

SPE 103 - Librarian Sylvia Rosillo

Librarian Sylvia Rosillo


SPE 103-001 (MW 8am)
SPE 103-005 (MW 9:30am)
SPE 103-010 (MW 11am)

Library Research Guide & URL: 

SPE 103 - Carter/Rosillo - Spring 2024

SPE 103 - Librarian Mikaela Meza

Librarian Mikaela Meza


SPE 103-050 (W 6:30pm)

Library Research Guide & URL: 

SPE 103 - Carter/Meza - Spring 2024

Where's the research guide for my online SPE 103-0C2 or SPE 103-0C3 class?

Librarian Elizabeth SandersonIf you are a student in one of Prof. Christy Carters online SPE 103 sections, your course librarian is Elizabeth Sanderson. Visit your SPE 103 course D2L site to see the course guide Elizabeth Sanderson created for your class.