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Voting and Voting Rights

Issues related to voting and voting rights, such as election integrity, voter suppression, and voter turnout.

Gerrymandering Defined

According to the Dictionary of Human Geography, gerrymandering is "the deliberate drawing of electoral district boundaries to produce an electoral advantage for an interested party. The term was coined by enemies of Massachusetts Republican Governor Elbridge Gerry, who created a district in 1812 that his party would win: it was shaped like a salamander – hence the neologism and the widespread (if false) belief that gerrymandering necessarily involves odd-shaped district boundaries. Although gerrymandering has long been practiced in the USA, it has only recently – and in specific conditions – been interpreted by the courts there as a constitutional violation."

What is Gerrymanding?

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Selected Subject Headings

  • Apportionment (political science)
  • Election districts
  • Gerrymandering
  • Voting -- United States

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  • Redistricting
  • Gerrymandering 

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