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AI and ChatGPT

According to ChatGPT:

"AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is when machines imitate human intelligence, like learning and problem-solving. There are two types: Narrow AI does specific tasks well (like Siri), while General AI is like human intelligence (still a concept). AI uses techniques like Machine Learning and Deep Learning to learn from data. It includes things like understanding language (NLP) and processing images (Computer Vision). AI is used in various areas like healthcare and finance, but its development also raises important ethical and social questions.

AI has applications across various domains, including healthcare (diagnosis and treatment recommendations), finance (fraud detection and algorithmic trading), entertainment (video game AI and content recommendation), and more. As AI technologies continue to advance, they raise ethical, social, and economic considerations that require careful consideration and regulation."

And ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a an artificial intelligence chatbot that was developed by the company OpenAI for use in customer service. According to itself, "ChatGPT was designed to generate responses to human-written prompts in a conversational style. It uses a machine learning algorithm called a transformer to analyze patterns in the text and generate relevant, coherent responses. In simple terms, it is a computer program that can 'chat' with humans in a way that feels like having a conversation with another person."

ChatGPT was introduced in November 2022. Since that time, it has been hailed by some as a great tool for education, and maligned by others as a tool for undetectable plagiarism. This research guide will attempt to provide information for instructors and students about the tool, both its benefits and drawbacks, as well as provide links to resources that might help combat some of the possible misuse. 

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Growing public concern about the role of artificial intelligence in daily life


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