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EGL 101 - Crockett - Spring 2024

Let's Get Started!

This guide serves as your starting point to delve into the background of a topic, event, or theory. Within the guide, you'll discover valuable information such as dates, historical context, links to additional resources, and much more. Should you have any questions during your research journey, don't hesitate to reach out to us by ASK A LIBRARIAN or email Librarian Sylvia Rosillo

What will we cover?

  • Explore potential research topics by gathering factual information using Credo and Opposing Viewpoints.
  • Develop basic and advanced searching techniques in the Oakton Library Catalog. 
  • Develop the skill to identify relevant keywords and phrases to enhance your research process. 
  • Distinguish between various types of findings in databases and journalistic sources to enrich your understanding.
  • Practice proper attribution and citation to acknowledge the original ideas of others. 
  • Critically evaluate the credibility of resources using the SIFT method.