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EGL 101 - Steven Monk - Fall 2023


Welcome to the Oakton Library and Your Research Class! 


My name is Ruth Whitney.
I'll be your guide to learning about research and library resources at Oakton.

This online guide to the Oakton Library will help you

  • Learn about popular, scholarly and peer reviewed articles. 
    • What they are and
    • How you can find them
  • Learn about databases 
    • Search tips,
    • Tools for saving articles you find,
    • Tools for getting article citations
  • Learn about MLA & APA citations
  • Discover how the Oakton Library can help you succeed with your research assignment

Be Strategic

Have a Strategy for Your Time and Work

  • Choose your topic and your thesis
  • Find your sources
  • Find the required sources
    • What kind? Scholarly? Peer Reviewed?
    •  How many sources?
  • Check for Quality and Fit
  • Fit ideas and quotes into your paper
  • Cite your Sources

An Oakton Librarian will be glad to help you with any of these steps in your research. 

Visit the library at either campus or Chat with a librarian by clicking the link below.


Fact Check - Oakton Library Chat

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