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Textbook$ - Finding & Buying Books

What is in this Guide for Finding Textbooks?

This guide will help you find the textbooks you need.

Use the links below or the tabs on the left side of the page to find ways to find your textbooks. Save some time and money too!

Websites - Compare Textbook Prices                                    
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Choices for Finding Textbooks

I need to get my textbook, but should I...

Buy the book new

Use the Digital Access textbook for your class (DDA)

Buy a used copy of the book

Rent the textbook

Buy an E-Book

Buy an E-Chapter

Get the book from the Oakton Library Textbook Reserve

Borrow the book from a Library


Explore the pages of this guide to check your options for getting the right textbooks, on time, and at the right price.


Do a Quick Price Check for Your Textbook

What is Direct Textbook?
  • Direct Textbook is a free service that features one of the world's most robust book search engines.
  • Direct Textbook returns search results from more than 200 major book databases, including those maintained by, Abe Books, Alibris, and Ebay.
  • Direct Textbook also returns results from WorldCat that includes books from more than 10,000 libraries.
Enter ISBN or Keywords

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Check out more textbook prices at the Oakton Bookstore and find other websites that check prices on the Websites tab.

Scholarships & CARES Act Funds for Textbooks

Textbook Funding Resources

A.  Student Government Association (SGA) Application

Each year the SGA provides students financial resources to assist with the cost of text book.  The application to be considered is available at:   Students may email their completed applications to


The Oakton CARES Emergency Relief Fund application is open.  Refer fall students to the application if they have been impacted by the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.

The FAQ page on our website has also been updated for the fall semester. 

Weekly application review begins mid-September.  Award amounts will range from $500 - $2500, depending on application, financial need, and enrollment. 

Students who owe a prior tuition balance may wish to appeal for additional funding consideration.  Oakton CARES student appeals will be managed by the Office of Student Affairs and can be requested at or 847-635-1739.