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Textbook$ - Finding & Buying Books: Where Should I Get My Textbooks?

Find Your Textbook!

Textbooks are EXPENSIVE! 

Every student hopes to find a copy of their textbook at a bargain price.

Buy or Rent?  New or Used?  Print or electronic?

This guide will help you find the textbooks you need

and make the best choices for how to get them.

What is in this Guide?

Use the list below or the tabs across the top of the page to find ways to find your textbooks and save some time and money.

Cengage Asks What Kind of Textbook Do You Prefer?

Choices for Finding Textbooks

How can you find the right textbook?

Buy the book new

Buy a used copy of the book

Rent the textbook

Buy an E-Book

Buy an E-Chapter

Get the book from the Oakton Library Textbook Reserve

Borrow the book from a Library


Textbooks are expensive

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Ruth Whitney

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