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Accounting and financial management

What is accounting?

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"Accounting involves the classification and recording of monetary transactions; the presentation and interpretation of the results of those transactions in order to assess performance over a period and the financial position at a given date; and the monetary projection of future activities arising from alternative planned courses of action. Accounting in larger businesses is typically carried out by financial accountants, who focus on formal, corporate issues such as taxation, and management accountants, who provide management reports and guidance." "accounting." QFinance: The Ultimate Resource. London: A&C Black, 2009. Credo Reference. Web. 12 September 2013.


Oakton College's Accounting program offers an A.A.S. degree as well as certificates in accounting, bookkeeping, income tax preparation, and professional accounting-CPA preparation. Graduates may qualify as tax aides, assistants to controllers or staff accountants. 

Degrees and Certificates
Certificates are stackable, meaning that they build upon each other so that you are progressing toward a credential and a higher certificate or degree. Check with Advising to learn more.

Accounting Standards

What is an accounting standard?

An authoritative statement of how particular types of transaction and other events should be reflected in financial statements. Compliance with accounting standards will normally be necessary for financial statements to give a true and fair view.

(NOTE: These principles are recommended by the Accounting Standards Board in the United Kingdom or by the FASB in the United States.)

"accounting standard." Dictionary of Accounting. London: A&C Black, 2007. Credo Reference. Web. 24 October 2013.

See standard setting boards below. 

Accounting Careers

Professional Organizations