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Oakton College Nursing Program

Oakton College boasts a stellar Nursing Program. It was ranked one of the 10 Best Schools in Illinois for Registered Nursing Programs (2023) for its academic quality, passing rates on the NCLEX entrance exam, affordability and reputation. In 2019, Oakton nursing students achieved a 95% pass rate (the national pass rate was 88%). Oakton’s rigorous nursing curriculum prepares students for a variety of health care settings. Courses include a combination of classroom and clinical experiences. Classes typically meet at the Des Plaines campus, and students enrich their learning through the clinical experience offered in a variety of health care settings throughout the community. 

Nursing Degrees and Certificates at Oakton

(A.A.S.) in Nursing for students who wish to start a career in nursing.

Perioperative Nursing Certificate

Practical Nursing (LPN) Certificate

Basic Nurse Assistant Training (BNAT) Certificate