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Peace and Social Justice Studies

Interdisciplinary approaches to non-violent ways of responding to conflicts

Journal of Gender, Race, & Justice

Founded in 1996, the Journal explores how we are classified, stratified, ignored, and singled out under the law because of our race, sex, gender, economic class, ability, sexual identity, and the multitude of labels applied to us. Identity is a matrix of experiences; when the law fails to recognize any one facet of our identity, both the law and the person lose invaluable dimension. Our challenge is to examine how we negotiate our identities, how the legal system negotiates them for us and how these negotiations affect our ability to attain justice.(copied from the journal's website:

cover image of  Journal of Conflict Resolution

Journal of Conflict Resolution

Journal of Conflict Resolution (JCR), peer-reviewed and published eight times a year, for more than fifty years has provided scholars and researchers with the latest studies and theories on the causes of and solutions to the full range of human conflict. 

Ethnic and Racial Studies

Ethnic and Racial Studies aims to be the leading international journal for the analysis of the role of race, racism, ethnicity, migration and forms of ethno-nationalism. These social phenomena are at the heart of many of the major social and political issues in the modern world. As the leading journal in these areas we seek to provide an interdisciplinary academic forum for the presentation of original research and theoretical analysis, drawing particularly on sociology, social policy, anthropology, political science, international relations, geography, history, social psychology and cultural studies. (copied from journal website:

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