There are three ways to cast a ballot in suburban Cook County for the 2022 Gubernatorial Elections.

Eligible voters can participate in

  • Early Voting,
  • Vote By Mail
  • Vote on Election Day at their assigned polling place.

Early Voting

For the November 8 Gubernatorial Election, traditional Early Voting will take place October 24 – November 7.   

As a reminder, voters who participate in Early Voting must vote in person.

Vote By Mail

Mail Ballot applications for the June 28, 2022 Gubernatorial Primary Election will be accepted starting March 30, 2022. Mail Ballot applications for the November 8 Gubernatorial Election will be accepted starting August 10, 2022. 

Any registered suburban Cook County voter with a driver’s license, state ID or social security number on file may request a mail ballot using an online or paper application.

Ballots must be postmarked by Election Day in order to be counted.

Election Day Voting

Registered suburban Cook County voters can only vote in their home precinct on Election Day.

Residents who are not registered to vote may register and cast a ballot on Election Day thanks to same-day registration and voting. Those who wish to register on Election Day must present two qualifying forms of ID.

Registered and unregistered Cook County residents can find their assigned polling place with the Your Voter Information tool.