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Elections and Voting - 2020 Election Guide

When is the Election?


Election Day - November 3, 2020

Important Dates for the Election

Key Dates for the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election




  Voter registration closes for deputy registrars and local election officials


  First day of grace period registration and voting


  Last day to register to vote by online application


  First day of early voting


  Last day to request a mail ballot, including military and overseas voters


  Last day of early voting


  Last day of grace period registration and voting


  Last day mail ballots can be postmarked


  Election Day

Find out how YOU can vote.

Vote - No Excuses!

TheSkimm. (2018, Sept 3). No excuses. Vote. [Video file].

The Skimm - The Road to 2020

Explore information on the candidates, the debates and information on some of the important issues.

My name isn't on the Registered Voters List - Can I Still Vote?

Provisional Voting

If your registration record cannot be found or your eligibility to vote is questioned at the polls, you may still cast a provisional ballot. A provisional ballot includes all offices that are on the regular ballot, but is counted only if the Clerk's office can verify your registration.

  1. Sign the provisional voter affidavit label.
    You will receive a copy of the Information for Provisional Voters Receipt with your Provisional Voter Information label affixed to it.
  2. An election judge will note on the affidavit label the reason(s) you were issued a provisional ballot.
  3. The election judge will issue you a card that will enable you to vote a provisional ballot on a touch-screen voting machine.
  4. Vote your ballot.
  5. After voting, your votes will be secured and stored.

After the polls close:

  • The Clerk's office receives all provisional ballots and determines the registration status for each provisional voter within two weeks after the election.
  • If the Clerk's office determines you are registered and eligible to vote: Your ballot is counted. The final vote total for each candidate in an election is adjusted to include provisional votes before official results are issued.
  • If you are not registered, the votes you cast will not be counted. However, the information you supplied on the affidavit form will serve as a registration application. In this case, you will receive a voter identification card in the mail, which will enable you to vote in the next election unless you move before then.

For more information about provisional voting, consult the following websites:

Ballot Ready - Information about Candidates and Issues

  • Explore your ballot.
    Dive into the background and opinions of every candidate on your actual ballot.
  • Make informed choices.
    Find a reason to vote for every office on the ballot, and save your choices as you go.
  • Vote!
    Breeze through the ballot box by bringing your BallotReady printout of candidates to the polls.

LyftUp - Voting Access Program

Uber - Get Out The Vote

Because every American citizen should have access to vote, Uber announced a national ‘Get Out The Vote’ campaign to help the communities we serve and to encourage our employees to exercise their right to vote this Election Day.

To drive this initiative, we are partnering with

  • National Voter Registration Day    September 22
  • Vote Early Day                              October 24
  • Pizza to the Polls                          November 3
      “Pizza to the Polls is psyched to team up with Uber Eats to deliver some tasty treats to voters waiting to cast a ballot,” says Scott Duncombe, co-founder of Pizza to the Polls. “We know waiting in line is difficult – we’ll deliver snacks to make it better.”

Check with Uber for more details.