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Information Literacy Curriculum

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Graphic image scholarship as conversation
poster searching as strategic exploration
Poster research as inquiry
poster authority is constructed and contextual
poster information has value

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Oakton Library Information Literacy Program

The Library Instruction Program is responsible for student instruction in information literacy. Learning opportunities are offered in person and online. In keeping with the Oakton Library's mission of "encouraging critical thinking, promoting information literacy, and providing innovative teaching," our program faculty provide access to the quality education described in the college mission where we seek to facilitate student learning and curiosity. We understand the information landscape to be a bewildering place for many people and endeavor to make that landscape navigable and familiar to students in our classes. With guidance from The Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (The Framework), we challenge students to move through "portals to enlarged understanding" of information generally and within their disciplines so that they might become creators of information as well as users. These courses focus on the frames from The Framework: Searching as Strategic Exploration (SSE), Research as Conversation (RC), Authority as Contextual and Constructed (ACC), Information has Value (IV), Information Creation as Process (ICP) and Research as Inquiry (RI). Information literacy, like other disciplines, is informed by politics, privilege, and structures of power and recognizing this is an integral part of our pedagogy. Information literacy skills are not linear or simple and are constantly evolving based on need, motivation, tools, and more. We seek to support students, staff, and faculty at all levels of ability.

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