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Cite It Right!: NoodleTools (citation manager)

Citation information to be used with the Cite It Right - Got Research? workshops



NoodleTools is a full featured citation and research tool that will help you format and save your citations online.  It can help you through the citation process step by step.  It can also help you create and manage an outline and/or notecards for your paper, and can help you share your sources with other users.

It is easy to register and set up an account.  You will need to set up an account on campus; use the 'NoodleTools Assistance' document below or view the video.  To start go to:

Online students:  please check with your instructor or librarian about how to get an account if you are never on campus.

This video will show you how to register and use NoodleTools

How to bring in your citation from our library databases

You can do a direct export from the Gale databases directly into NoodleTools!  This includes these databases:  Opposing Viewpoints and various Gale encyclopedias.  For our other databases (such as EBSCO) you can copy and paste in the citation, using NoodleTool's "Quick Cite" process.  Use this link to learn more about Quick Cite:  How to use Quick Cite

Use the video below to learn how to import a citation from a Gale database:

NoodleTools Assistance - registration and use

The following document will help you with registering for an account, and has tips on how to input your sources.  It has much of the same information as our video "How to get started with NoodleTools".