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Cite It Right!

Citation information to be used with the Cite It Right - Got Research? workshops

NoodleTools - Getting Started with Noodle Tools

NoodleToolsNoodleTools can help you . . .

  • create citations in a step by step process .
  • format and save your citations online.
  • create an outline for your paper
  • create note cards for your paper
  • share your sources with members of your research group or your professor.

Create a Citation - One Minute Video

Length: 1:18

" Create a Citation in NoodleTools." YouTube, uploaded by NoodleTools, 9 July 2021,  (MLA citation)

NoodleTools Express - Easy Tool for 1 or 2 Citations

Does your paper or project just have one or two citations?

Noodle Tools Express can help you format your citations easily and quickly.