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Cite It Right!: Other Citation Tools

Citation information to be used with the Cite It Right - Got Research? workshops

How can a citation generator help you?

Citation generators use online forms to create a citation in various formats such as MLA, APA, Chicago, and more.  You (the researcher) type your bibliographic data into the form and the site generates a citation in the format requested.  It will also correctly sort and alphabetize your list when you collect and store more then one citation.

Some citation generators display the citation on the screen, but don't save the citation. Other sites offer citation management services, such as saving your citations, organizing your paper, notecards, and outline, and also may help to organize and understand citation building as you perform your research.

Remember - you are always responsible for the accuracy of your citations.  Citation generators are convenient to use, but may not always be 100% accurate.  Also remember that the citation and the Works Cited/References list you create is only as accurate as the data you input! ("garbage in, garbage out")

Please don't hesitate to ask one of the librarians if you need help with citing your sources.

  • EasyBib (below) allows you to make quick citations in all popular citation styles and manage and save them online.  Please be aware that Oakton's subscription to EasyBib will end on July 15, 2018.
  • NoodleTools is a full featured citation and research tool that can help you through the citation process step by step.  It can also help you create and manage an outline and/or notecards for your paper, and can help you share your sources with other users.  Visit our NoodleTools help page here.
  • KnightCite and Citation Machine (below) are free online tools that can help you make a quick citation when needed.  You also get some extra features when you register and create an account with KnightCite.


You can make quick citations and manage them online using EasyBib.  

You can register an account with EasyBib to have access to many citation styles such as MLA, APA, etc.  Please note that the EasyBib Academic edition that Oakton supports will no longer be available after July 15, 2018.  You should switch to NoodleTools or other generators before then.  After July 15, 2018 all current accounts will be downgraded to a free account that only supports MLA style.

Always check the citations to make sure they are correct.

You can find examples of correct citations for MLA  APA or Chicago Style by clicking on the name of the style you need.

What is EasyBib?

 Imagine Easy Solution. (16 Nov. 2011).  Introduction to YouTube. [Video File]. Retrieved from,   (APA Citation Style)

Signing up for EasyBib

Click the EasyBib sign up link to start your subscription to EasyBib for all of the citation styles - APA, Chicago Style and MLA. 

Start a Project with EasyBib

To create a new project (bibliography):

  1. Click the ‘New Project’ button in the upper left corner.
  2. Give it a name under ‘Project Name’, such as your class name or paper topic.
  3. Choose a citation style (typically at OCC you will need MLA or APA),
  4. Click ‘Create’.
  5. Click on ‘Bibliography’ under your project name to start adding your citations/sources.
  6. Start adding your sources by selecting a tab at the top, or click on ‘All 59 options’ to see the different options for sources.

Once you have created a bibliography, you can: Print as a Word doc (under ‘Export’), analyze, e-mail, or share with group members.


  • EasyBib is a tool to help format and track your citations, but enter all the source information correctly to get an accurate citation.
  • EasyBib can find the correct citation information for most books by just entering the ISBN number using the Book tab.
  • Be very careful about creating citations from web sites! Carefully check all elements of the citation. It will involve more work than just typing in the URL.

If you have questions on EasyBib, please ask a librarian for assistance.

Send Citations from Oakton Library Databases to EasyBib

Click below to find hints and directions for sending citations from the Oakton Library databases directly to EasyBib.

Find articles in the Oakton Library databases and start your Works Cited or References page right away.

Always check citations to make sure they are correct. 

Click the citation style you need to see examples of correct citations: MLA, APA, Chicago Style

Knight Cite Citation Generator

KnightCite is a citation generator created and sponsored by the Hekman Library at Calvin College.

You can enter the information about your sources and create APA, MLA, and Chicago Style citations.  You don't have to register for the free KnightCite citation generator, but you do get some extra free features if you sign up.

KnightCite - MLA 8th Edition

KnightCite APA

KnightCite Chicago Style

KnightCite Sign Up

Citation Machine Generator

Citation Machine will help you create citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago Style.  You can also create title pages in each style.

Click Citation Machine to use their website and the citation generator.  Either search for your book, article, website or other source and automatically generate a citation or choose to enter each part of the citation and click to create the proper format.

Citation Machine - MLA 8th Edition

Citation Machine - APA

Citation Machine - Chicago Style