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Peace and Social Justice Studies

Interdisciplinary approaches to non-violent ways of responding to conflicts

Peace and Social Justice Studies at Oakton - Mission Statement

The Peace and Social Justice Studies Program at Oakton Community College is committed to the exploration of diverse ideas and practices of social justice and non-violence that have emerged in response to conflicts and suffering around the world. We envision a broad approach to the study of peace and social justice, one that includes courses in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Contact the Program Coordinator

Madhuri Deshmukh

Professor, English
Coordinator, Peace and Social Justice

Division of Liberal Arts

Office:  2731 Des Plaines


Email Address:

Requirements for the Peace and Social Justice Studies Concentration

Peace & Social Justice Studies Concentration
(18 credit hours)

In order to receive the Peace & Social Justice Studies Concentration designation, students must

  • complete a Peace & Social Justice Studies Concentration Completion Form, and
  • meet with the Peace & Social Justice Studies Coordinator.
  • Take the following required courses
  • SSC 201 - Introduction to Global Studies, 3 semester credit hours
  • PHL 106 - Ethics, 3 semester credit hours
  • Take four (4) additional courses that are designated as Peace & Social Justice Studies courses or sections. A comprehensive list of approved sections each semester is available in the online class schedule.


Most courses included in the concentration meet the general education requirements, and have IAI transfer codes. However, students should work closely with the Peace & Social Justice Studies Coordinator to ensure they are taking the needed courses in each general education area, and are not taking more than one course with the same IAI number. Students meeting the requirements for the concentration will have a notation added to their transcript indicating successful completion.

For more information, please contact Madhuri Deshmukh, Coordinator, at or 847.376.7032.

Check out the Peace and Social Justice Studies homepage for information about exploring this topic during your time at Oakton!