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Find Statistics

Use statistics to make comparisons, show historical trends, make predictions, and more

Why use statistics?

Decorative word cloud made up of statistical terms

This guide will help you find and use statistics.  Why use statistics with your research?

Statistics can:

  • Strengthen your argument
  • Provide objective information so you can debate arguments
  • Put an argument into context
  • Be a good visual aid, especially in clarifying trends

But some things you also need to consider:

  • Statistics in and of themselves can't make the argument for you
  • Like direct quotations from outside sources, you must interpret and explain statistics and apply them to the point you're making
  • Treat statistics as evidence that requires interpretation
  • Be sure to cite your statistics source
(part of above courtesy of Modesto Junior College)

Using statistics in your writing

What is the best way to add statistics to your writing or improve your argument?