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Find Statistics

Use statistics to make comparisons, show historical trends, make predictions, and more

Finding statistics

Books are another great source for getting statistics.  Our reference books do not circulate, but the first 2 books that are listed are available in both campus libraries.

Helpful Hints for finding statistics in books:

  • Sometimes statistics are buried within the text of a book.  As you research, take the time to skim through your findings to discover potential sources of statistics.   Look for graphs, charts, and diagrams to find statistical information.

Search Words - try these keywords with your topic searches to focus on statistics:Cartoon of a man carrying a tall stack of books

Statistics  -  Data  -  Numbers  -  Trends  -  Polling  -  Figures  -  Tables  -  Charts  -  Graphs

Search Examples:

  • Immigration AND Statistics
  • Global Warming AND Trends

(part of above courtesy of Modesto Junior College)

Reference books in our libraries (non-circulating)

Circulating books (samples)