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Find Statistics

Use statistics to make comparisons, show historical trends, make predictions, and more

Finding statistics

You can find statistics in many of our library databases.

Helpful Hints:

  • Sometimes statistics are buried within the text of a journal, magazine, book, or newspaper.   As you research, take the time to skim through your findings to discover potential sources of statistics.   Follow leads in the articles to locate other statistics.
  • Look at graphs, charts, and diagrams to find statistical information. 
  • Sometimes statistics are hidden within other articles but can't simply be found by searching the word "statistics."  When searching library databases, combine your topic search with a subject search for statistics.
  • Academic journals often contain statistics to back up any research that is done.

Search Words - try these keywords or subject terms with your topic searches to focus on statistics:

Statistics  -  Data  -  Numbers  -  Trends  -  Polling  -  Figures  -  Tables  -  Charts  -  Graphs

Search Examples:

  • Immigration AND Statistics
  • Climate change AND Trends

(part of above courtesy of Modesto Junior College)

Library databases focused on statistics

Some of our library databases specifically contain statistics, as listed below:

Some of our library databases containing material with statistics

Many of our library databases include statistics in some way.  Use the tips listed here to find stats and data in these sources: