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Art and Design

A resource guide for art and design students and others looking for resources for the practical creation of artwork and the study of materials and techniques. For art history and theory resources see the Art History LibGuide.

Featured podcast: Errant Sound

On June 11th Errant Sound member, and contributing author, Jeremy Woodruff led an interview with the editors of the newly published Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art (January 2020) Prof. Holger Schulze (University of Copenhagen) and Assoc. Prof. Sanne Krogh Groth (Lund University). Featuring sound examples from authors and profiled artists in the Handbook , Jeremy Woodruff discusses the ideas that guided the volume’s creation with the editors. The podcast serves as the prelude to a future event at errant sound where a number of authors from the volume will meet together to discuss themes in the Handbook together with the public.

Time Arts

Time art is any art that occurs across time. Time art can include animation, sound art, experimental music, video installation, etc. Below is an example of John Cage's experimental music. What kind of reactions do you have to this piece? How does it push the boundaries of what we call "music?" Below, there are links to resources to learning about this challenging work.


Time Arts Books

Time Arts Links