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Using Databases at Oakton

Nexis Uni - Business provides a full range of credible sources for business information, including business and financial news, U.S., and international company financial information from government or private sources, market research, industry reports, and actual SEC filings. Search features permit comparison of companies based on criteria such as sales, income, and number of employees. Some general tips:

  • Search for exact phrases with quotation marks (“”).
  • Use just one or two-word phrases as your keywords. The database will not look for common ‘stop words’ like: been, however, so, or, in, the, and, etc.
  • Truncate your terms with an asterisk (*) to find more results. For example, type comput* to find the words computer or computing.
  • When a singular word is searched, the plural and possessive forms of that word will also be searched as long as you do not put your search term in quotation marks (“”).

Access more detailed directions and videos below.

Click the link below to search Nexis Uni - Business. (You will need to log in with your myOakton username and password if you are off campus.)

Article Searching

Note: To search specifically for company profiles and financial information, go to the "Company and Industry Information" section of this guide.

To search Nexis Uni - Business:

  • Enter your keywords in the main search box. Stick to one or two word nouns, simple phrases, single company names, stock ticker symbols, etc. 
  • If you are looking for timely Business topic ideas, clicking on any of the “Key Topics” shown on the search screen will run a search using that term.

Nexis Uni Business main search screen‚Äč

  • To access more options for refining your search:
  1. Click on the drop-down arrow to the left of the main search box. Narrowing options will open below the search box.
  2. Select the most appropriate category on the left.
  3. Click any of the check boxes to the right to limit your search to only the selected type of material. 

nexis uni business narrowing options


Once you have done a search, you will reach the results list:

  • Results appear in order of Relevance. Click on the “Sort by” drop-down menu to select other options for sorting.
  • To get more information about an article listed in your search results, click on the title.

nexis uni business search results

  • If you scroll down the page, the left-hand navigation (under “Narrow By”) allows you to further limit your results.
  • You can search a date range (under “Timeline”), select a specific subject term (under “Subject”), choose a particular industry (under “Industry”), and more. 

nexis uni business results narrowing


Once you click on an article title, the following options will appear:

  • The tool bar at the top includes icons you can click to print, email, and download the full text of the article.

nexis uni business article record tool bar

  • Keep scrolling down the page to access the full text of the article (under the "Body" section). 
  • To get a formatted citation (MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, Bluebook), click the box that says "Export Citation" and select your desired style from the drop down menu that appears.

Nexis Uni Business Citation and Body in article

Company and Industry Information

To find company information:

  • From the main Nexis Uni – Business search screen, scroll down until you locate the “Company Dossier” box (on the left side of the screen).
  • Click on “Find a Company” to reach a new search screen.

Nexis Uni Business Company Dossier Search

  • To find information about corporate executives or industries, you can click on the tabs near the top of the screen to search for names and industry information. You can also create lists comparing companies.
  • To search a company, make sure the "Company" tab is selected, enter the name or stock ticker symbol, and click “Search.”

Nexis Uni Business Company Dossier search screen

  • Click on the name of your company in the results list to be taken to the full report for the company. Once in the report, you can:
    1. Use the navigation options on the left side of the screen to jump between parts of the report.
    2. Near the top of every report page, there will be icons for printing, emailing, and downloading sections or the full report. 
    3. You can also create a custom report containing just the sections you want by clicking on the “Generate Report” button near the top of the screen.

Nexis Uni Business company report

Nexis Uni - Tutorials

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You can find more helpful videos about using Nexis Uni on their YouTube playlist.